The Bathtub (2013)
Format: HD 422, 1080p
Duration: 10:31min (loop)
The Bathtub is a dual-screen video work that represents friendship and tenderness between different people. But the images also question our perception of different roles and constellations of power. Through a meditative and calm action - by pouring water over a fellow human being - intimate scenes are played out in a white, neutral room. An African boy pours water over a white European girl, a little boy pours water over an older girl, a dark-skinned girl pours water over a white girl, an so on. Through an apparently everyday-like and simple action like washing each other they represent mutual caring and reconciliation. The Bathtub portrays ideas about equality and respect, and take on our preconceptions about these ideas.

This video-work was shown in Lillehammer Kunstmuseum in 2013 and in the group show 1814 REVISITED by Akershus Kunstnersenter in 2014.