The video work “Flaskepanter“ (2007) will be shown at Galleri 69. The exhibition is part of Kulturnatt. Read more here
7th September 2019 - 15th September 2019

Process works from Gullklokken (2019) are shown in the exhibition “Vi tar 8-timers dagen“ at Vemork Verdensarvsenteret in Rjukan. Read more here.
1rst May 2019 - 31rst March 2021

The video work Children Falling (2014) and The Bathtub (2013) is shown as part of Riga Photography Biennal 2018. Read more here
5th of April - 8th of July 2018

Panel discussion
Thiis-Evensen participated in the recidency program of PRAKSIS to discuss the ethical aspect of Line 5 with the curators Natasha Marie Llorens og Natalie Hope O’Donnell. Read more here.
21rst November 2017

For the exhibition in Vigeland museum Thiis-Evensen made with a 3-screen video work named Combing Hair. Read more here
30th September 2016 - 22nd January 2017

The installation and video work Line 5 is shown at Kunsthall Grenland. Read more here
11th February 2017 - 12th March 2017


Upcoming exhibitions 


 2019 - Gallery 69, Oslo

2019 - Norwegian Industrial Museum, Vemork in Rjukan and Telemark gallery in Notodden

2020 - House concert number 4, in my house in Oslo

2020 - Moss Town and Industry Museum

2020 - Gallery F15, Moss

2021 - Dropsfabrikken in Trondheim

2021 - Sandefjord Art Association






"Charlotte Thiis-Evensen presses on our most sore points and open unhealed wounds. And allows the audience to heal." (...) I'm impressed by Thiis-Evensen's will to pull people's heads out of the sand, and nobody can say it's not painful to be reminded of your own cowardice.“
- Klassekampen

"The movie [Untitled] shows how three young Norwegian sisters of Somali origin perform the same simple action, namely, wearing a hijab. The three different shawls move slowly through the air, spreading like huge wings around the beautiful serious faces. (…) A beautiful and thought-provoking work that fosters community and alienation.”
- NRK P2

"The exhibition in Kristiansand Kunstmuseum, My Father Tried to Call My Mother, giving a gripping picture of the lonely death of a well-organised and technological society.”
- Kunstkritikk