My Father Tried to Call my Mother (2008)
Installation consisting of 9 photos, a text and a video work

At the far end of Exhibition Hall, the back wall of a box measuring 5x4 meters is visible. The room is filled by indeterminable sound originating from the two sources at the end of the hall. When approaching the following writing becomes apparent on the wall: Two years ago my father died. He left behind a mobile phone containing 100 photographs. He was hospitalized and very ill, and never knew he took the photos. Inside the room, which is reminiscent of a sickroom, one finds selected enlarged versions of the mobile snapshots, and a built in TV monitor projecting a video. The sound that fills the room is the authentic audio track from the mobile phone video recordings.

Supported by Kulturrådet. Shown in Sørlandets Kunstmuseum (2008), Kunstnernes Hus (2008), Kunsthall Grenland (2010) and Bergen Kunstmuseum (2013).

Text: "Family rooms" by Line Ulekleiv.