The Collector (2007)
Digital video (2007) and performance at Kunstneres Hus (2012)
Format: HD 720x676
Duration: 03:39 min

This documentary-style film focuses on Jorunn Aandreaa, a Norwegian poet who received critical acclaim in the 1960’s and 1970’s, and how she became a bottle-collector. Aandreaa’s writing career was waylaid by a severe financial situation in the late 1980’s that prohibited her from making work after her three published books, thereby ending her bright career.
Five years after the film was screened, Thiis-Evensen and Aandreaa’s family gathered together her new and old unpublished poems. In an effort to rebuild the audience lost to Aandreaa and restore her voice, they sought to find a possible publisher. Thiis-Evensen had success with Flamme Forlag, who published her collected poems in Flamme 134.

The book Flamme 134 was released at Kunstnernes Hus, and was accompanied by a performance that contained poetry by Jorunn Aanderaa, the film The Collector, and song by Constance Tenvik.

Supported by the Art Council Norway.