The Moment of Truth (2004)
Format: HD 720x676
Duration: 07:30 min
The woman Astri has had the same long, curly hair for fifty years, old-fashioned style like in the 1890’s. After her mother died she decided to finally get rid of it. The short film is trying to ask some questions about the possibility of freeing oneself from the past and the ties to the family.

Supported by NFI (Norwegian Film Institute), NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting) and Kulturrådet. The film was shown on cinema as an opening film for Woody Allen's film, Melinda and Melinda, for 3 months. It has also bees shown in several film festivals, in television in Norway and Sweden, and in different Institutions such as Kunstnernes Hus and Sørlandets Kunstmuseum.

Text: “Regarding others” by Ole Slynstadlie, “Family rooms” by Line Ulekleiv.