Untitled (2013)
Format: HD 422, 1080p
Duration: 07:17 min (loop)
The video work Untitled shows the doubt that three Somali girls experience about their choice of whether or not to use the hijab. The choice itself is visualized through recordings of the three girls taking a hijab off and on. The recording is done with a so-called "high speed camera", and displayed in slow motion, so that the minimal details in the action is preserved more vibrantly, and so that the process takes on abstract qualities. The work contextualizes both the obvious choice about hijab or not, as well as the question of individual freedom in several settings, for example with different sets of expectations.

Supported by Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond and Fritt Ord. Shown in Lillehammer Kunstmuseum, the Gallery OSL Contemporary and Høstutstillingen in Oslo, 2013. The work has also been shown in several film festivals and won first price in a group show in Nordic Salon in Helsingborg, Sweden in 2014.

Texts: “Behind the veil” by Erling Mostue Bugge, “In response to the other” by Cecilie Skeide.