The Inspectors (2010)
Format: HD 422, 1080p
Duration: 10:30 min (loop)
The Inspectors was a cite-specific project which focused on the activities on the second floor of the building where Bergen Kunsthall is in the first floor. At present, this area consists of offices rented out to the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, an organization that normally has few points of contact with the art institution. The result of my project was photographic portraits of the people in the institution and a film. In June I was allowed to go along with the Labour Inspection Authority on an unannounced inspection of a building site in Bergen. For the project, I presented a video and documentation material from this inspection.

Supported by Kulturrådet. Shown at Bergen Kunsthall.  
Text: “Inspektørene(Norwegian) by Steinar Sekkingstad.