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Valborg in Nyksund/extra

Film/performance/lecture by Lisa Karlsson and Charlotte Thiis-Evensen

Art in Nordland (2004)
Valborg in Nyksund is a short movie about a woman who grew up in Nyksund and now lives outside Myre. She talks about her experience living there. Her encounter with the artists turned into a mutual exchange challenging prejudices and both parties’ ideas of otherness. This became an exploration of how identity is formed, as evidenced through the conversation between the local resident and the filmmakers from elsewhere. The movie presents the experience of one individual. Her personal narration mirrors the development of a region that has become a symbol of the structural changes in the coastal fishing communities in Northern Norway.

The movie’s premiere took place in Galleri 8439 – Nyksund, where it was shown in connection with a performance and an artist talk. Using examples from their previous works, the artists where talking about their working methods and the subjects that intrigue them. Following the premiere, the film should be shown continuously at Galleri 8439 – Nyksund throughout the summer of 2004, but it was taken away after the premiere because the family reacted on the film. Have a look at the debate.

The municipality of Øksnes has 4670 inhabitants, 2850 of which live in the central community of Myre. Fishing, fish processing and fish farming form the backbone of local business, and remain a major employment sector in the community. This is the reality facing the two artists known for their documentary works situated in the intersection between art and media.

Artistic Interruptions are a series of site related artworks. Some 20 municipalities, towns and villages in Nordland county have committed to serving as the arenas for artistic projects developed with the active input of the individual local communities.

A number of extra projects based on already existing collaborations are also being supported. In this way, Kunst i Nordland [Art in Nordland] wishes to promote local artistic arenas. A disturbance can have the positive impact of sparking involvement and generating energy for the already existing local potential.

Artistic Disturbances are initiated by Art in Nordland/The Department of Cultural Affairs of Nordland County and supported by the Norwegian Council of Cultural Affairs.

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